20 October 2013

Childhood Memories Never Dies

I was born in a big family. I have a brother and 3 sisters, I am the eldest one. Whatever I do they will follow me coz I am the LEADER in the house..Whatever rules I made they will absolutely follow me.. Thats the greatest thing about being ME..haha..

We used to fight together, share our problem together and the most important thing we share our secret together. I do love my family.

25 September 2013


PARIS is always a good idea for me.. I wish I could go there & feel the love of it.. 
Someday I'll be in Paris..
Wait for me Paris..


Bila tiba Hari Raya semua insan bergembira sama la seperti saya yang selalu tidak sabar menyambut Hari Raya. Setiap kali hari raya saya mesti akan balik Sungai Petani untuk berjumpa kawan2.. Rasa best sgt jumpa kawan2 zaman sekolah dulu. 

Tapi yang paling penting saya dapat beraya bersama _ _ _ _ _ selama 3 tahun berturut2.. Guess who??
Harap tahun depan masih ada lagi untuk beraya bersama.


Dear All,

I miss blogging..!!!  Long time no see.. I've been busy outside blog but now I'm back to share the story of my life.. This is my diary & a way for me to enjoy blogging.